What do I know to be true
I actually don’t
I believe things are constantly changing,
It has taken a lot of change for me to be here where I am now,

I have gone through a lot of lessons
One of them is to breathe
Breathe through things
Breathe in and out
Listen to your body
Hear out your heart

Slow and steady you shall reach your goal
Enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride
Pace is slow and steady

What do you know to be true?
True happiness?
Does that blissfully exist?
How can you not learn how to be with sadness, suffer?

Learning how to live with all and at the same time let it all go.

No attachment.


How do I not fall into the veil
The veil of the illusion
The veil of wonderland

I do I separate from what can become real
From what just lives in my mind
How do I dream and stay present


You are like a dream,
A memory
A window in the sky

One can dream
One can fly
Fly up high
Fly above the clouds

Out and loud
So they can hear you
You shall be heard.


Burn inside for what doesn’t serve any more
No matter how many times it burns out,
May you remember that you have the power to light the fire

Let fear, sorrow, sadness and anger, burn away
Let it go,
Let everything that doesn’t serve you any more,
Just burn,
Just transform,
The phoenix shall rise again from the ashes.


She was once empty
Empty deep inside
She was empty and lost

One day she was wondering
Wandering around
She found a beautiful rose on her path
A beautiful rose, a beautiful grounded rose

The soft red rose,
She took a seed and planted it inside her
Would remember to give her sun and water
Nurturing the little seed,
The seed of self-love.


Oh tee lightworker
You are here to shine
You are here to share

Shine your light so bright
Cause discomfort
Cause change

Shake the world inside
Create new bridges
And move the world with your words.


Speaking my truth through words
Words are like magic wands
You can cast spells or curses
So use them wisely

Use them in your favour
Don’t go pointing in any random direction with no intention
Set them
Ground them
Don’t just throw them into the air

Use yours words wisely
Use them as magic
And most importantly,
Use them with truth.


I do not mourn for my past self
I let my past self now go
I step towards change and don’t look back

I needed not to grief
But to thrive
Thrive in the new.


Going across the bridge
Walking past the water
Which once were muddy and untouched
And now blue and see-through,
they flow, they roll down the stream

You know exactly where you stand
And you just go with the flow
The beautiful flow of the heart

There was once uncertainty, worry and fear
And now there is light, flow and peace
Be in peace with the heart to be truthful with one's self.


Piece by piece
Step by step
Slowly gathering what was once scattered around
Finding integrity
Finding integrity to feel whole once again.


Ana Clara

I write for my soul

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