I find myself at midnight
Dancing alone
Thinking to myself
Is this real
or is it just another story I made up to put myself to sleep

The darkness always crawls in
I try to sleep
But I actually prefer to be aware
I have learned to be strong through the darkness
Light is always to be found

Real things are out there
True love.


she had the eyes of butterflies
she had the abilities
to harshly transform
to let go
to embrace transformation
she flies right through
right through the blue skies of contemplation.


Soul that tell stories
They don’t cross each other without a meaning
You can see the connection right through their eyes

It is like seeing
Seeing through an old soul's eyes,
I could clearly distinguish them

Those eyes carry so much,
Suffer, pain,
All that has brought you here today

So here we cross path again,
But, now we have to wait and see.


Listen deep to your heart
The world is filled with daydreams
Sometimes, grounding is needed.
Speaking releases your truth
We are all part of the same story
And counting our blessings every day.


Moon which shines upon your darkness
Total openness can be found
Patterns are meant to be broken
From the depths of one's soul
Knowing that I can break the flow
Silver hue lights glow
Embracing the truth within one’s soul.


Tarot cards for the weeks’ energy: 5 of Cups and Queen of Swords

I know there has been grievance energy lately in the air, was I the only one feeling this? But for me, I actually lost someone close to me recently and experienced the psychical death of someone dear close to me. This reminds to be closer to family and really that are lives are so fragile. I also remember the other things in my life that, not always does it need to be a physical death, can be some momentum or some energy that was rising up in the air.
So let this die and remember that you are strong and capable of moving on, but remember to bring creativity with you. I am grateful for the cards once again and move on.


I hadn’t left the house for two days
But my own house was empty inside
Vast windows
I couldn’t see what was outside

I hadn’t left
When I decided to pack all my emotional baggage
And leave
I left out into the world
Into the unknown world
And I did it for me
And I left.


I want to be the white witch
The white farm witch
But don’t fool yourself
She loves her darkness
And embraces it thoroughly
But she knows thyself
With a cat on her lap
A candle lighting in the flap
She is the white witch you see
Sat with mysterious books in her lap
Away from distraction
She enters her own world of wonders
Of darkness, of hope and dreams,
She focuses on her spelling
She wants to write about the trees, to connect with the world,
She indeed needs to travel
On a journey we go.


Branches of oak
Turning towards inside
The self now mirrors
Whatever you dream in your sleep
The clocks now rings twelve
Knowing that it is time,
Remember, endings only open new beginnings.


Ana Clara

I write for my soul

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